Afte it's all done....

Then what?

The world of recording has changed dramatically in the last 25 years. with the advent of digital recording in the 70s, to the amazing capabilities of hard-disc recording in the 90s.

We no longer are at the mercy of large record companies dictating our every move and style. Songs and albums can be recorded at a fraction of what it used to cost and the internet offers a medium to showcase and distribute your product unlike anything we've ever known before.

There are multiple web sites that will display your songs and albums and even produce CDs for you to sell at no cost to you. Or, you can create your own personal web site and market your music that way. The MP3 format allows you to compress the size of a song to 10% of it's original size with virtually no loss of sound quality so it can be easily uploaded or downloaded on the internet.

Here at RattleSnakeTracks, we can help you to get started with your mp3 site, or for a nominal fee, do all the work for you, such as encoding the mp3 files from the originals, setting up your site, transferring the song or songs and doing the photos and artwork for your album cover.

So gather up your songs and do what you've always dreamed of doing...

Make your music available to the world.